Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association

Cookie Dough Fundraiser


Sno-King Cougar Mountain Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Thank you for your desire to help our association work towards our goal of $20,000 by participating in our cookie dough fundraising event.

We are super excited to get back on the ice and kick off the rest of our 2020-21 season!  As you may have heard, without being able to offer all of the programs under the current COVID restrictions and closure, Sno-King is under significant strain to cover the high costs of ice rink operations. In particular, without programs such as our adult league, public skating or group parties/events this challenge will continue.    

Order soon!  Last day for orders will be Sunday, February 14.



To help offset some of the expenses for our Sno-King programs (such as youth hockey and figure skating) we are going to be selling cookie dough as our first spring fundraiser.  All fundraising dollars from this event will help support these Sno-King areas:

  1. Assist in covering operation costs under COVID restrictions
  2. Support planning for current & future programs to deliver the mission
  3. Invest in future generations to come

Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact: Leanne Nanakul

Fundraiser Organizer